Supporting you through Coaching

Working with a coach can be transformative for an individual or team. Our coaches work side by side with you to identify the challenges and opportunities that lie before you and ensure that you are achieving your potential.

Our coaches are accredited with the Insitute of Executive Coaching (IEC) in Australia and members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We uphold the ICF Code of Ethics, are active members of the industry and committed to ongoing, regular growth and learning. We recognise the importance of self development and awareness and how our ongoing journeys can support yours.

Coaching is that rare opportunity where you have a skilled, experienced individual completely focussed on you, your potential and your career. Our role is to support you in building on your signature strengths and overcoming any issues or challenges that are limiting your potential.

Could you benefit from coaching?

If you're not certain of the answers to the following questions then the answer is YES!

  • What are my signature strengths?

  • Is my current career aligned with my career values?

  • How can I enhance my performance?

  • Am I in the best position to ensure my next career break?

  • Am I stretching myself and excelling in my career?

  • In what areas should I focus my development efforts?

  • How can I take my career to the next level?

  • Coaching Support

    Our approach to coaching is founded on active listening and effective questioning. Our experiences are not yours and therefore we are not there to offer advice. We are there to guide you, open you up to options you may not have considered, to stretch you, encourage you and challenge you. We want you to be successful!

    We offer a range of coaching support services:

    Executive Coaching - helping you to continue to advance your career and enhace the performance of you and your teams. We work closely with you, your manager, team and other key stakeholders to identify ways for you to grow and advance.

    Career Development - finding our passion can be a life-long challenge for some. Others find their passion early in life. With our proven model from career development expert Dick Knowdell, we help you consider all the factors that influence your career. By bringing all of the pieces of the jigsaw together we can see the complete picture and help you align this with your career path. We work with you to examine your career values, motivated skills, job interests and personality style. Let us help you to find your real passion.

    Performance Improvement - sometimes we face an obstacle or receive critical feedback about our performance. A coach can help you shed light on the experience, see the positive in the experience and help you respond to others and yourself. We all have these moments in these careers; the real challenge and opportunity lies in something we can control - our response. Doing this on our own can be difficult.

    Team Coaching - organisations invest significant resources in establishing teams, but how many ensure the team is established well and supported. When we're disappointed with the results we wonder why. Was it the team? Should we create a new one or just use a specialist. Our team coaching approach recognises the importance of team design and dynamic; the need for mid-point reviews; team debriefs and helping build rapport and trust within the team. We'll help you build a high performing, effective, but most importantly, successful team.

    Contact us for a free 45 minute discussion on how coaching can help you and/or your business.