Change Management

Change can mean so many things to people. For most, we think of change as those things that are imposed upon us or others. We often don't consider voluntary change in the same light. Both forms can benefit from careful consideration, reflection and planning.

Sometimes we react to the symptom of a much larger problem or issue. Rarely do we invest time in diagnosing the real challenge. Equally we or others have often experienced something similar that we could learn from. Making time to reflect on past experiences can inform our change efforts.

We are passionate about change management and offer an extensive range of services that can support you and your business in identifying and embarking upon change. From diagnostic analysis through to embedding and monitoring change, we offer services that encapsulate strategy and implementation with the use of both hard and soft skills.

Would you benefit from change management support?
If the answer is yes to any of the following questions then change management support could help you.

  • Are you about to acquire another business or invest in significant growth?

  • Is your business rebranding or relocating?

  • Is the culture of your organisation aligned with your strategic goals?

  • Are you investing resources in doing something differently or introducing something new?

  • Are you struggling to sustain change initiatives?

  • Could you improve the performance of your business through changing the behaviours of your employees?

Services Overview

We work together with you and key leaders to ensure change is navigated and planned successfully. We can help ensure your change initiatives are successful and sustained.

Our change management services include:

Diagnostic analysis - to identify problems rather than symptoms. This can prevent repeated attempts at change or subobptimal outcomes.

Readiness assessments - to ensure you and your organisation are ready to embark upon change. Our assessments include advice and strategies to help ensure you are ready. For example are there recent changes that might affect how people react? Have you analysed the impacts for internal and external stakeholders?

Change Management Planning - we can build or work with you to develop a plan that covers all aspects of change. With a focus on soft and hard skills we focus on motivating and energising people as well as identifying a compelling case for change.

Organisational culture evaluation - from the moment you walk in the door or office to an organisation you begin to feel the culture. From the signals about what is important, how decisions are made, how people work together and support each other through to the rituals and symbols. Our consultants can review and evaluate the culture of your organisation or team to ensure it aligns and complements your goals.

Change Management Implementation - our focus on communication and people, combined with effective project management skills, will ensure your change initiative is successful. We can deliver the change or guide and coach the team leading the change.

Change Communication Support - how you engage your people and explain the benefits and decisions is critical to success. We recognise the importance of focused communication throughout the entire change process, even in the lead-up to announcing changes. Our experience in managing change will ensure your communications support the vision.