Business Improvement

Reinventing your business and identifying ways to grow and improve are critical to the ongoing success of your business. While working in the business it can be hard to get up on the balcony and identify opportunities and challenges. The support of an external person/business can help you to identify options and ways to move forward.

Could your business or team benefit from our management consultancy services? Do you have answers to the following questions?

  • What strategies are supporting ongoing growth and improvement of the business?

  • Does our organisational structure, culture and approach support our strategic goals?

  • Do our processes and practices reinforce our customer services commitments?

  • Should we reinvent our business model to reflect the changes we are making to our products and services?

  • Would our customers recommend our services to their peers and colleagues?

  • Are we engaging our stakeholders effectively and involving them in our business?

Services Overview

Through the following business improvement consulting services we can help you identify and explore a comprehensive range of options and new ideas to move your business forward.

Business Review - An examination of the organisational design to identify the degree of alignment between strategy, structure, processes, rewards and people. With so many interdependent relationships it is important to consider the business direction, the use of power, information flows, motivation levels along with skills and mindsets. By drawing these elements together we are able to identify your current and potential future performance.

Process Review - Using a business-wide approach we examine the micro elements of a business process with the macro considerations in mind. Through examining the evolution of the process and engaging key internal and external stakeholders we are able to identify what you should continue, incorporate and discontinue. Using process facilitation skills we are able to illicit the view of your people and ensure they have ownership of any changes.

Strategic Support - two of the most challenging, but critical, tasks is to identify a vision and strategy and ensure alignment throughout the organisation. From systems, processes, policies, communication through to organisational structure and ultimately culture, we can support you in achieving your strategic goals.

Performance Improvement - through an approach based on the fundamentals of auditing we are able to examine the cost, quality time and the level of flexibility within an area of your business. Using the Star Model we can then identify improvement options that can enhance your performance.