Services List

Our mission is to 'help you become the change you seek via our broad range of consulting and coaching services:

  • Managing your change needs with change management planning and exceptional project management skills

  • Reviewing your organisational culture, design and structures to ensure they align with your strategic goals

  • Assessing your services and products to identify future directions and opportunities

  • Supporting you through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, rebranding and relocation

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of teams and ensuring they are established and supported to succeed

  • Providing individual and team support to boost performance and success

  • Helping you determine your career path, development options and achieve personal excellence

  • Facilitating and supporting the development of new business strategies and directions

  • Managing new and large projects along with the engagement of external and internal stakeholders

  • Reflecting on recent changes to identify future business needs and opportunities.

Our consultants work with you and/or your teams to ensure you have the skills and understanding to sustain any changes. By designing with implementation in mind we are able to support you in identifying potential resistance and strategies to respond to these natural (and expected) human reactions.

From small to large projects we are able to scale our response to meet your needs.

Unlike other businesses we will not roll out a vanilla approach to you and your business. We believe in the uniqueness of people and businesses. Our approaches are customised through understanding of you and your business.

    Services Overview

    We are offer an extensive range of consultancy and coaching services. Our focus is on supporting you and your business to improve and achieve your strategic and operational goals.

    Effectively Managing Change

    A comprehensive range of change management services are on offer ;from diagnostic evaluation, readiness assessments and change management planning - we ensure all the thinking and preparation is completed before you embark on a change initiative. Implementation, change communication, embedding and monitoring ensure the change is recognised, valued and becomes part of you and/or your business.

    Please contact us for a free 45 minute consultation to review your needs and how we can support you.

    Helping Your Business Improve

    Sometimes businesses need the support and perspective of someone outside their organisation. We can support you and your business in reviewing the products, services and overall business to identify successes, improvement opportunities and challenges. From a comprehensive review of your business performance through to an evaluation of specific projects or services, we are able to help you identify what is working well, design new approaches and enhance your achievements.

    With a passion for strategy and design we are able to help you consider the balcony perspective and examine situations from a variety of different angles.

    Coaching Support to You and Your Teams

    Working with both teams and individuals we are able to support you in improving your performance and successfully achieving your goals. We focus on career development, team effectiveness, identifying and enhancing your signature strengths and unlocking the potential within you.

    We offer a range of packages and programs to support you.

  • Please call us for a free introductory outline of our coaching services.