About Us

Do you need support from someone that truly identifies with and understands you and your business?
Are you finding it challenging to effectively embed and sustain change initiatives? Or maybe you and your team are in need of a boost and some support to ensure you're performing at your best?

Kaleidoscope Solutions is a management consultancy business that is committed to delivering you the solutions that works best for you and your organisation. A broad range of services are available to help you examine the range of possibilities before you and identify the best path forward. With a philosophy of 'designing with implementation in mind' we are able to support you in creating a robust and considered plan that supports achievement of your goals.

Specialising in three key service offerings - Change Mangement; Business Improvement and Coaching Support - we are able to focus in at the macro and micro level, but always with a balcony viewpoint. Challenging you with the right questions we will help expand the range of options you consider and improve the diagnosis of the challenge you are seeking to address.

Our consultants and associates are accredited change management and coaching experts experienced across many industries and trained to work with and engage individuals, teams and businesses. With a focus on client relationships and a commitment to understanding your needs we offer a customised and considered approach.

What differentiates us from other management consultants and coaches? Our approach! We recognise the importance of both soft and hard skills, especially communication and relationship management. Our success is through helping you reach your goals!

Our Directors

Kylie Malmberg, Director

Kylie is an experienced change management consultant, executive coach and career development coach. Kylie started the Company in 2007 in recognition of the growing need for change management support. With a passion for improvement and successfully managing change, Kylie is committed to supporting you and your business achieve the changes you seek.

David Malmberg, Director

David is an interior designer, entrepreneur and project manager with a passion for office fitouts and relocation. David is a partner in the business as well as heading up Oscar Joshua Design. David plays a key role in marketing and design of the business along with strategic direction setting and supporting clients that are undertaking transformational change.


Our Support Team


Working in a collegiate model we collaborate with associates and like-minded businesses to develop teams with the relevant skills and experience to achieve your goals. From project management, psychology, coaching, through to facilitation and change management, we are able to draw together a team that supports you.